Dallas Women's Team Training

We specialize in DALLAS WOMEN’S TEAM TRAINING! You are paired up with up to three to four other women sharing your same goals to form a team committed to accomplishing that goal. Your workouts are tailored to your specific needs and abilities in a high energy, high accountability environment built around team synergy. We’ve taken all of the most popular and effective training styles in a hybrid style of training that ensures you see the fastest results possible. Workouts are never dull, always keep you on your toes and you’ll never know what to expect!

3 Workouts Per Week!

$ 350/Month ($29/session)
  • 3 group workouts per week!
  • body composition
  • nutrition consultation

2 Workouts Per Week!

$ 280/Month ($35/session)
  • 2 group workouts per week!
  • body composition
  • nutrition consultation​

Dallas WOMEN's Team Training FAQ

NO!! This is not some one-size fits-all large group workout! We typically limit the teams to 4 women with similar goals. Team Training is our way of providing high quality, personalized training at an affordable price. All training and coaching is tailored to your specific body, goals and abilities.

All Tough Fitness training comes from a strength training base. We then incorporate all of the most popular and effective styles around into a unique and challenging system that has shown to produce incredible results. You may box, do a deadlift, swing some ropes, do a pullup… Everything we do is Focused, Functional, and Intense.

Short answer is yes. However you have the flexibility to switch teams on a case by case basis if there is availability. We always try and be flexible with our clients – but it’s also our mission to produce a highly capable TEAM focused on accomplishing a common goal.

Dallas WOMEN'S Team Training Reviews

His workouts are always different, so I never get bored. I also enjoy the teammates I workout with. For someone who never really enjoyed going to the gym, I now very much look forward to these 3hrs every week! Thanks Tough Fitness!
Nicki Heiztler
Team Training since Jan '17
MacKenzie Brumley
MacKenzie Brumley
Team Training since Feb '19
I grew up on the heavier side, out of shape, and never thought I could feel small and strong at the same time, but Tough Fitness helped me achieve this goal. The small group training makes it more enjoyable to get in shape with friends! Their monthly measurement and progress tracking prove the results. And since nutrition plays a huge role as well, they can help keep you on track and learn what foods to eat and avoid depending on your goals!
Anisha Khara
Team Training since Jun '16

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