Dallas Partner Fitness Program

Want to team up with a family member, significant other or friend? You’ll love our Dallas Partner Fitness Program! This high energy and fun option is a favorite for couples, friends and family! Do you and your partner share different goals? Not a problem! We can customize each individual session around both of your individual goals and abilities.


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Dallas Partner Fitness Program

Dallas Partner Fitness Program - Tough Fitness Dallas

Dallas Partner Fitness Program FAQ​

Typically our clients do this, however, many times we have partner up two individuals with similar goals and it worked out great!

All Training is charged by the month, in advance. (# of sessions per week x 4) Our clients stay around an average of 12 months with Tough Fitness. This is a clear sign of the value we strive to provide every single day. The only discounts we offer is for purchase of multiple months in advance.

Dallas Partner Fitness Program

I only posted five stars because that's the only Stars they'll allow me to post. This group of people are amazing. If you want to ask me any questions please feel free and I will always recommend them to anyone and everyone.
I've been training with Evan for 7 months and it's been incredible! He pushes you and keeps you motivated. His workouts are always different and is constantly keeping us on our toes. I've also made good friends in the team sessions and working out with them makes training so much more fun!
I HATE working out which is why I pay someone to push me. So while I may hate every workout, I can tell you that I feel good and have a sense of accomplish after my Tough Fitness workouts. If you want to be challenged to get into the best shape of your life then I would recommend Tough Fitness.
Tanya Shepherd
Dallas Women's Team Training Client​
He tailors each workout based on your fitness level, and reads your body language and stamina instead of just hitting a certain rep count. I'm learning how to engage muscles in a whole new way. Highly recommend!!! Do it. Your future self will thank you.
Kate Weiser
Dallas Women's Team Training Client​

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We specialize in Dallas women’s team trainging! You are paired up with up to three to four other women sharing your same goals to form a team committed to accomplishing that goal. Your workouts are tailored to your specific needs and abilities in a high energy, high accountability environment built around team synergy.

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There’s just no doubt that having a 1 on 1 coach is the quickest way to reach your specific health and fitness aspirations. This means having a dedicated trainer to ensure every second of your time spent gym is yielding the best possible Return On Investment!