Our all military veteran staff is comprised of the most well-rounded fitness leaders in the area. All trainers on staff share the same values and passion for helping others.

Tough Fitness Dallas Trainers

Sergeant Evan Duncan


Evan served 8 years in the Marine Corps as a Martial Arts (MCMAP) and Fitness Instructor and had tours to Iraq and Africa. He decided to take what he learned leading, training and motivating Marines and use it to to start Tough Fitness in 2012 . The skills he acquired from years of training the world’s elite along with certifications from Cooper Institute and the American Council on Exercise enabled him to start and grow Tough Fitness into the most recognized personal training company in Dallas. Evan’s no excuses attitude perfectly coupled with a genuine care and attention to detail is what keeps Tough Fitness clients around for years. He has a serious passion for helping others and has helped countless people change not only their bodies, but their lifestyle and mindsets as well. There’s something really special in the way Evan motivates his clients to accomplish things they never thought possible.


Joey Munoz


Joey served as an aviation ordnance technician for 5 years in the Navy, loading and unloading thousands of pounds of missiles, bombs and ammunition on almost every military aircraft imaginable. He found a passion for soccer, so much so he was asked to represent his base in tournaments across the United States. During his 5 year enlistment he grew a passion for fitness which advanced him to a position as a base wide fitness coordinator for NAS JRB Airbase. After his time in the military Joey attended the Cooper institute where he obtained his CPT, Bio-mechanics of resistance training and interval training certifications. With Joey’s education, background and NO QUIT attitude, reaching your fitness goal is a sure thing!


Ted Felber


Ted Felber served as an Infantryman in the Marine Corps for 5 years where he completed 3 deployments conducting both combat and humanitarian missions. Life in the Infantry was rough and physically demanding. It was here Ted truly realized the importance of exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. While serving Ted was tasked with maintaining the physical readiness of his platoon. He later attended the prestigious Cooper Institute where he graduated as a CPT. Ted’s enthusiastic and motivating personality is contagious and ensures a fun, intense and unique training experience for all of his clients.


Evan Febo


Evan served 5 years in the Marine Corps infantry, and completed two world wide deployments. While in the infantry, Evan was a squad leader for both deployments and was in charge of keeping his Marines in top shape both physically and mentally to ensure they were prepared for anything. While in the Marine Corps Evan found a love for fitness that carried on after getting out of the military. He now trains and mentors those who are willing to adapt a healthy and physical lifestyle. Evan Always gives 100% dedication, but will also demand the same of his clients in order to propel them to their biggest goals.

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