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★All military veteran staff★

Team Training is our specialty. As a staff of mostly Marines, we know a thing or two about working as a team. We’ve taken all of the most popular and effective training disciplines and created a unique style that blends strength, functional and high intensity training in a workout tailored to you. You will not find a more challenging results focused workout anywhere in Dallas and certainly not as affordable as our men’s team training.

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Team Training

This award winning, high energy option is our specialty and we promise it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced!


Prefer 1 on 1?

Team Training Rates

Personal Training 3x/week

per month / per person ($29/session)

Let's Train!
Personal Training 2x/week

per month / per person ($35/session)

Let's Train!
Refer and friend and receive 1/2 off your entire next month

All Personal Training includes monthly body fat % measurements, circumference measurements and diet guidance PLUS all the motivation you can handle!

Excuses are useless
results are priceless